What to Expect


Sunday is traditionally when Christians gather for worship. This is because Sunday is the day on which our Lord rose, and so each week we commemorate this great truth of our faith. The principal weekly worship service is the Holy Eucharist, also known as: the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, or Mass. In most churches, worship is accompanied by the singing of hymns, and in some churches, much of the serviceis sung.

Worship Style

We worship in a style that is both ancient and modern. We believe that in becoming man, Christ redeemed and sanctified all of our senses, and so our worship is multi-sensory with lots of singing, music, colorful clothes (called vestments), and sometimes even incense. All worship in the Episcopal Church is based in the Book of Common Prayer, which gives worship a familiar feel, no matter where you go in this country or even through the world!

Liturgy and Ritual

Worship in our Church is liturgical, meaning that the congregation follows service forms and prays from texts that don’t change greatly from week to week during a season of the year. This sameness from week to week gives worship a rhythm that becomes comforting and familiar to the worshipers.

Services involve standing, sitting, kneeling, sung or spoken responses, and other participatory elements that may provide a challenge for the first-time visitor. However, liturgical worship can be compared with a dance: once you learn the steps, you come to appreciate the rhythm, and it becomes satisfying to dance, again and again, as the music changes. Please let us help you learn!

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