Our New Shrine of the Holy Family

Votive Candles have been installed near the shrine of the Holy Family in the rear of the nave of the church.

The statue of the Holy Family has been donated to the church in memory of Grover Newman, who was indeed a “family” man in the truest sense of the word.

The main function of numerous, small candles in glass containers, that are often displayed in racks or stands and known as votives or vigil lights, is to maintain the intention of prayers, usually for a specific issue or person. Those who light them usually say a prayer over one candle at a time, and by keeping these individual candles lit for extended periods of time, the individual prayer is believed to be prolonged and amplified along with the intentions of other believers’ prayers. This creates a collective spirit of prayer for the entire church that is comforting and empowering, because even when churchgoers leave, their prayers remain in the Church and then others may pray over the candles later.

Please feel free to pause and perhaps kneel for a moment of prayer at this special spot in our church.  Just as the candles consume themselves to give light so we pray that we may be consumed by the love of God and give light to the world around us just as the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph did in caring for and glorifying the only-begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Stop by, light a candle, say a prayer (there is a little book of prayers there to help you), and rejoice that we are a part of the holy family of God, the Church.  See pictures below.

Taken in part from: http://people.opposingviews.com/catholics-light-candles-church-1746.html

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